Tangled Tantrum has transformed our bedtime routine! No more crying while brushing out my daughters wet hair, and I love that it is alcohol free! Gwen is now so happy to bring out the Tangled Tantrum bottle with the adorable little girl on the front. -Jen C.

My kids love Tangled Tantrum. One of my sons has an extremely sensitive head and hates having his hair brushed. He now insists that I use Tangled Tantrum every time I brush his hair. He says that it makes it not hurt anymore and that it smells awesome! Great product! -Allison J.

I am so impressed with Tangled Tantrum's leave in conditioner! I have naturally curly hair and it gets very tangled and its hard to comb through when its wet. I am loving this new product! My hair is so much easier to comb through and it leaves my hair full of body and shine. I also use a dime sized amount of the Chaos Control Smoothing Serum, it leaves my hair soft and my curls dry with body. Thanks Tangled Tantrum for coming out with with such a fabulous product not only for kids but for people of all ages! -Alyson V.

I just used your detangling spray on my daughter Shelbi's hair and LOVE it! Her hair was pretty snarly even after conditioning it in the shower. It made it so slick to comb through... not to mention it smells amazing! -Marci M.

I started using Tangled Tantrum every time I got out of the shower before I dried my hair. I found it very helpful in keeping my hair extensions from tangling and for easier day to day styling. I love the way it smells and it provides extra conditioning for my hair when I am on the go. I would definitely recommend Tangled Tantrum for your kids and your own hair. -Angela S.

Obsessed with your new product. Love the smell. Grace's hair is naturally curly so it tangles easily. I used it this morning on both girls and I LOVE it. It doesn't leave that greasy film that some do when they dry. -Lisa M.

Tangled Tantrum is a wonderful product! I use the Detangler & Leave in Conditioner and it easily gets the knots out of my hair. . It is better than a leave in conditioner that makes your hair feel sticky or look greasy. I've used many other products for my hair but this one is my favorite. It works great for kids hair too! Every time I spray it on my nephews thick, long head of hair after a bath or shower following a long day at the beach it totally does the trick smoothing it out. Not only is it a great product but it's sold at a great price. You can never go wrong with Tangled Tantrum products! -Bryn D.

Brushing the tangles out of my grand kids hair has never been easier than with Tangled Tantrum! I also love the Separation Anxiety Styling Paste. The smell in unreal. It's perfect for styling short spiky hair and great for those little fly away hairs too. -Linda P.

The product worked very well for my long, thick, curly hair. I was able to detangle easy and I love the smell! I love knowing that I am using a safe and effective product on my kids and myself. Tangled Tantrum's Detangling & Conditioning Spray is light and perfect for baby hair or color treated hair. The scent is wonderful and I look forward to each and every use. -Sara F.

We love Tangled Tantrum leave in conditioning spray!!! I use it every morning before school on my daughters hair. It makes it so much easier to comb through her hair. My daughter loves how soft it leaves her hair. It doesn't leave a heavy film like texture to her hair like the other products we've used in the past. It smells great too! -Crystal H.